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From the Research and Press Office, a New Kind of Health and Beauty Blog is Coming September 2020


The Office of Dr Craig R Dufresne, MD, PC is excited to announce the upcoming launch of “The Du Plastic Surgery Blog”, a consumer health and beauty blog discussing relevant core topics, issues, and late-breaking news related to general aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as the dynamic sub-speciality field of craniofacial surgery.

What Makes this Blog Unique

Unlike many plastic surgery and beauty blogs that are often written by laypeople, news writers, or consumers, blog posts on “The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” will be written by Dr Dufresne’s main co-author and adhere to the same exacting standards to which all of Dr Dufresne’s medical and scientific work rigorously follows. A new 600-1,000-word blog post will be released each week. Blog posts will be written in non-technical language to educate and inform those seeking to be responsible health consumers and make wise decisions based on high-quality information. Sources of information used in each blog post will be listed at the end of each post, and when possible, links to those sources will be included.

Topics and Concepts Blog will Cover

“The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” is hoped to become a great tool to help begin the conversation with Dr Dufresne about what treatment options you may have. Blog posts will cover all major procedures offered by Dr Dufresne—from arm lifts to Xeomin injectable cosmetic—”The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” will define, describe, explain, and discuss what the procedure is, how it is commonly done, how it addresses the problem or issue for which it is being done, and go beyond the basics to address benefits, risks, alternatives, and recent advances.

News You Can Use

In addition to deep dives into various procedures and concepts in plastic surgery, readers of “The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” can look forward to thoughtfully curated updates on important advances or findings in plastic surgery and related fields. These news updates will include explanations of why and how the new findings or developments are relevant to the savvy health consumer who may be considering plastic surgery.

What this Blog is NOT

While social media sharing is encouraged, comments on blog posts on the website will not be possible, in keeping with website policy. Medical advice will not be provided and nothing in the “The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” should be construed as providing medical advice. Please see our website Terms and Conditions for more details. As explained on the About this Website page, no before and after photographs or patient testimonials will be included.

Looking Forward to Your Health

It is hoped “The Du Plastic Surgery Blog” will develop into a powerful tool of respected knowledge to inform and educate health consumers, enabling them to be better prepared and have more realistic expectations when going to a consultation and considering surgery. Patients who have realistic expectations are more likely to be happy with their treatment outcome.

For additional reliable consumer information about cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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